The Act: What happened? Is it true?

Jordan Jones

Hulu recently released a new show called “The Act.” What’s so different about this show? Well, this one is based on a true story. This show is about the tragic murder of Deedee Blanchard. Dee Dee Blanchard was murdered in her own home, by her daughter’s boyfriend. Now before you called the daughter anything hurtful you have to know why she let her boyfriend do it. Gypsy Rose was born a normal healthy baby on July 1, 1991, but for most of her life she did not know.

During the show we find out that Dee Dee was once arrested for check fraud. Gypsy was only a baby at the time and was made to watch as police placed her mother in handcuffs. Why she was made to watch is kinda disturbing. While the police was talking with Gypsy her Grandmother, Emma Pitre, carried her to the door so she could watch as her mother was taken away. While Dee Dee was away Emma was in charge of looking after the young Gypsy, Dee Dee had only one wish while she was gone and that was that her mother take care of Gypsy and follow the plan that she had.

When Dee Dee was let out she came home to something she hoped she would never see again. Not only did her mother ignore the plan but she was raising gypsy like a normal kid. What’s wrong with this? Well nothing except that this was not how Dee Dee saw her daughter being raised at all.  With Dee Dee back there were some major changes to be made.

Dee Dee felt like she wasn’t in control of her daughters life because of her mother’s constant hovering. Dee Dee developed a disorder called Munchausen syndrome by proxy after Gypsy was in a accident with a trampoline. Munchausen syndrome by proxy means that the person with it will act as a caregiver to someone even if they don’t need it. As Gypsy grew up she was still raised as if she was five no matter how old she grew. Dee Dee would take her to the hospital claiming that there was something wrong with her even if there wasn’t. Some may wonder, how was she diagnosed with things like sleep apnea, leukemia, seizures and many other issues. Well when they moved Gypsy had to get a new doctor this doctor asked about Gypsies files and if she could see them. Dee Dee said that they lost the files in a horrible storm.

As Gypsy got older she started finding out that she’s not as sick at all . This causes her to start to act out in the eyes of her mother. Gypsy starts talking to a boy that she met online, he would later become her boyfriend. His name was Nicholas Godejohn. While Gypsy was living her best life her mother was getting sick. The sickness made Gypsy act out more as it was harder for her mother to punish her. Even though she was sick Dee Dee still made Gypsy’s life hard. This is how life was until june 14, 2015.

Gypsy convinced her boyfriend to come to her home and kill her mother. Nicholas agreed and when he arrived he went into Gypsy’s home and stabbed Dee Dee in her sleep while Gypsy was waiting in the other room. When the killing was over Gypsy packed her bags then her and her boyfriend left the home and went to a motel before they were to travel to the boyfriend home in wisconsin. They were arrested before they were able to spend a week together. At least that’s what the show tells us.

While this may seem like Gypsy wanted to kill her mother and did it one purpose i believe that Gypsy was a vision and was only acting in self defense. All her life Gypsy was forced to take many different kinds of medication that she didn’t need. If they never moved then Gypsy would have never been given the thought that maybe she wasn’t sick. Gypsy had no other choice but to kill her own mother in order to escape. This was the only way for her to live a normal life and to call her a murder. Who are we to deny her from what she should have had her whole life.