Boys’ Volleyball Team Starts Strong


Isabelle Gil-Collazo


On March 27, 2017 the boy’s volleyball team beat South Philadelphia High School in an exhilarating season-opener game. Senior Alex Pan helped lead the team to a thorough and tasteful victory.
The first and closest game kicked off with rallying scores. Coach Wood led South Philly viciously from the sidelines while Coach Patel paced in silence. His self-composure shook when the score drew even at 17-17 and the Bobcats responded with renewed focus. Patel found a moment of peace when an errant South Philly serve ended the first game in favor of Franklin Learning Center.
The next and middle game brought an all-new lineup for South Philly, which helped them gain a five-point lead. The Bobcats fought back strong eventually matching them at fifteen. Wood fought the referee’s calls so voraciously that he almost won himself a yellow card for unsportsmanship. He was forced quiet in the face of calamity. David Tra’s serves pushed the Bobcats ahead 16-24. The nervous crowd erupted in shock as game point serve landed just outside of the court, delaying the inevitable. A loud “come on” left Patel’s lips as he stood with his hands on his hips. The pressure, or lack thereof, caused the next opponent’s serve to land just short, giving the second set to FLC.
The final game was taken easily and smoothly just before 4:15PM. Rolando Barbon showed off his skill with consistent spikes, at one point disorienting two opponents enough to slam into each other. His setters Alex Pan and David Tran kept the team together through the entire nail-biting battle. The 3-0 sweep set the boys on the right foot for the rest of the 2017 season.


Author: Isabelle Gil-Collazo