Monday, August 2, 2021
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FLC grad turns fashion dreams into reality in NYC

Kristian Lorén Lopez graduated from FLC as an art major in 2005. Now she is a fashion designer, thriving in NYC. Earlier...

Postponed hybrid learning plan brings relief

Students in the School District of Philadelphia have not been in school learning since mid-March 2020. The new online learning environment has...

It’s all up to you

It's all up to you. Vote That Jawn is a Philadelphia organization that encourages teens to vote. We spoke to Lorene Cary...

What quarantine cooking means to me

At first it was a distraction but soon enough it became a way to help my family, so I started to cook...

Class of 2024 finds itself in Discord

9th grade students are using Discord to get to know each other. With the COVID-19 quarantine still in...

VIDEO: A day in the life of Alex Rodriguez

Video: A day in the life of Alyssa Barkley

Day-long protest for George Floyd starts peacefully, turns violent

Yesterday, peaceful protests began in Philadelphia with waves of demonstrators protesting at City Hall and the Art...

VIDEO: A day in the life of Kim Musallam

VIDEO: A day in the life of HeeYoung Yim

Correction: A previous version of this story named Yim Heeyoung as the subject. Her name is HeeYoung Yim.